Short Stories & Poems

Short Stories

“To Walk for the First Time,” Luna Station Quarterly 35 (5 September 2018): Read online

“More Blood than Bone,” Heroic Fantasy Quarterly (May 2018): Read online

“Running Straight,” Luna Station Quarterly 31 (1 December 2017): Read online
Accompanied by an interview which you can read here

“The Tiger She Rode In On,” Asymmetry (6 November 2017): Read online

“A Whisper of Scales,” Society of Misfit Stories (27 January 2017); available again in the forthcoming collection, Society of Misfit Stories Presents…Volume II (September 2018)

“I Remember Your Face,” Apex 87 (August 2016): Read online or buy

“A Planet Like Earth,” Perihelion (March 2016): see table of contents here

“Disconnected,” Devilfish Review 16 (February 2016): Read online

“Peregrinus Sapiens,” The Colored Lens (Autumn 2015): Available on Amazon or read online here and on Curious Fictions

“Green Ways,” Faed Anthology (2015): Available on Amazon

“To See If It Is Possible,” Tales of the Talisman 10.2 (Autumn 2014): Available on Amazon


“Upon Living One’s Whole Life in the Wilderness,” Abyss & Apex 67 (2018): Read here

“Returning Tides,” South Dakota Review 49.1/2 (Spring/Summer 2011): Subscribe here


Semi-finalist, Omnidawn 2016 & 2017 Fabulist Fiction Chapbook Contest

Finalist, Omnidawn 2015 Fabulist Fiction Chapbook Contest : See results here