Short Stories & Poems


“To Trade in Secrets,” Haven (forthcoming)

“New Homestead Act,” Martian (7 Feb. 2022): Read online

“Whose Mortal Taste,” Apex (Nov. 2021): Read online
Reprint in: Apex Magazine 2021, eds. Sizemore & Conner (Apex Book Company, 2022): forthcoming

“Truth, Death, and the Golem Between,” Kaleidotrope (Winter 2021): Read online

“The Hunter Undead,” PULP Literature (Winter 2021): Order here

“Blow Flies,” Bourbon Penn 21 (July 2020): Read online

“See You in the Next Regime,” Broadswords and Blasters 11 (Fall 2019): Order here

“The Brief Day, the Long Evening,” Not One of Us 62 (October 2019): Order here

“Fallow,” Syntax & Salt 5 (20 March 2019): Read online

“When Home, No Need to Cry,” Clarkesworld 150 (March 2019): Read online

“Best Not to Know the Names,” Empyreome (January 2019): Read online

“To Walk for the First Time,” Luna Station Quarterly 35 (5 September 2018): Read online

“More Blood than Bone,” Heroic Fantasy Quarterly (May 2018): Read online

“Running Straight,” Luna Station Quarterly 32 (1 December 2017): Read online

“The Tiger She Rode In On,” Asymmetry (6 November 2017): Read online

“A Whisper of Scales,” Society of Misfit Stories (27 January 2017)
Reprint in: Society of Misfit Stories Presents…Volume II (September 2018)

“I Remember Your Face,” Apex 87 (August 2016): Read online or buy

“A Planet Like Earth,” Perihelion (March 2016): see table of contents here

“Disconnected,” Devilfish Review 16 (February 2016): Read online

“Peregrinus Sapiens,” The Colored Lens (Autumn 2015): Buy on Amazon or read here

“Green Ways,” Faed Anthology (2015): Available on Amazon

“To See If It Is Possible,” Tales of the Talisman 10.2 (Autumn 2014): Available on Amazon


“The American Girls Premiere and Computer Games ‘For Girls’,” Polygon (July 2022): Read online

“Let Me Be Clear,” Nightmare Magazine (June 2021): Read online

“A Metaphor of Sparrows,” Climbing Lightly Through Forests (Aqueduct Press, 2021): Order here

“Upon Living One’s Whole Life in the Wilderness,” Abyss & Apex 67 (2018): Read here

“Returning Tides,” South Dakota Review 49.1/2 (Spring/Summer 2011): Subscribe here


“I Should Have Been That I Am,” an interactive story,  is free to play on the Interactive Fiction Database. The story was an entry in the 24th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition (November 2018).

Finalist, Omnidawn 2015 Fabulist Fiction Chapbook Contest : See results here