The Green and Growing (2019)

Our teacher told us that once our planet had been home to large oceans and seas, but it was too far back for us to imagine.

In this tale of the clash between two worlds and cultures, Miquita, one of the forty-two daughters of Commander Hritrar, is sent to the Rubruii after their defeat at her father’s hands. Hampered by diplomatic etiquette and a thoroughly alien culture, Miquita struggles to understand the destruction her father has leveled against the cities and orchards that depend on a failing artificial intelligence. Can she help repair the terrible damage her father’s forces have inflicted? Perhaps more importantly: should she?


“Gorgeous images of a richly strange world cover this ethical armature in a sweetly fleshy narrative, a joyful ferment of words.”

Nisi Shawl, Seattle Review of Books

“Wagner’s book is a powerful contribution to ongoing conversations regarding post-colonialism and the response of colonizing powers in the wake of ecological and cultural devastation.”

Stephen Case, Strange Horizons