When Home, No Need to Cry (2022)

And I felt it there again, just below the rib-bone Adam gave Eve, I felt the chimes there, the chimes that rung everything hollow.

A child spells away the changeling that haunts her. An Appalachian girl marries young and learns that men don’t die easy.

A dying astronaut yearns to return to space and the alien dreams that crept inside her head.

An old woman chases down her most elusive prey and realizes the
hunt isn’t worth it.

From sunny kitchens to arid Mars, this collection of stories traces the quiet things that haunt us, whether it be suspicions of neighbors, the failures of memory, or the ghosts of planets.


“Wagner collects 10 speculative shorts loosely connected by a quietly brooding aesthetic and themes of how humanity is changed by brushes with the supernatural or extraterrestrial.”

Publishers Weekly